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2010 $1 Australian Commonwealth Coinage 1910-2010 PNC


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Product Code: auc375-2010

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2010 Australian Commonwealth Coinage PNC, featuring a One Dollar commemorative coin depicting the four British monarchs that have appeared on circulating Australian coins since they were first struck in 1910, and featuring two Australian Commemorative Stamps. 'In 1910, Australia issued coinage in its own right as legal tender for the entire country. The first coin issue comprised the florin, shilling, sixpence and threepence; the penny and halfpenny were released the following year. The coins were produced by the Royal Mint in London. King Edward VII featured on the obverse of all denominations, the 1908 Australian coat of arms on the reverse. Edward died soon after the first shipment of coins reached Australia, and his image was replaced by that of his successor, George V on the 1911 coins. Please contact Adelaide Exchange Jewellers to find out more on this item.

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