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2009 $1 Australia Post 200 Years Coin & Stamp Cover PNC



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Product Code: auc372-2009

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2009 $1 Australia Post Celebrating 200 Years PNC

Australia Post celebrates 200 years of postal services in Australia.

Isaac Nichols became the first postmaster of New South Wales in 1809, a position he held for a decade, however Australia's first postman was not appointed until 1828.

In 1838 the first overland mail service between Sydney and Melbourne began and the release of the world's first postage stamps.

As populations grew so did the postal service. Some deliveries took weeks as ships and horses were the only means of delivery until the railways were developed.

Cover features a 55c x Stamp featuring the first postmaster and a commemorative coin inscripted with "200 Years of Postal Service in Australia"

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