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2022 King TUT's Curse 2oz Silver Antique Gilded Coin


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The Lithuanian Mint presents a new coin, the ‘King Tut’s Curse’, which tells the story of the most famous Egyptian tomb of and its mysterious owner. For years, it was believed that the mummy of this ruler could reveal many secrets of the lost civilization, which is why the search for his eternal resting place took so long, and eventually took an unexpected turn. This piece of art complements the spectacular ‘Missing Treasures’ series.  

Although, according to historical sources, Tutankhamun’s tomb may never have been found, it was coincidentally discovered in 1922 by one persistent English archaeologist, Howard Carter, whose excavations at the time were funded by the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, Lord Porchester. After six years of unsuccessful attempts, the Egyptologist nearly ended his mission until, unwilling to give up, he came close to his dream. When looking for Tutankhamun’s tomb, Carter found a step under the workmen’s huts which led to the discovery of what the Valley of the Kings had been hiding for more than 3,000 years – the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, also known as King Tut.

To tell this extraordinary story, we have created the ‘King Tut’s Curse’ coin. The reverse features a spectacular sarcophagus of the famous pharaoh with all three coffins inside. The coin was produced using the best minting technologies: high relief, digital printing, aged silver, and partial gilding. This is a collectible coin of extraordinary beauty, and it will appeal to anyone with an interest in history and a desire to have a unique specimen in their collection. It is also a perfect gift for someone who appreciates original and timeless gifts. The obverse of the coin bears the public seal of Niue. The bottom of the seal shows two crossed katoua cleaving clubs, the symbol of the Niue Island, and there is the motto of Niue above them, ‘atua Niue tukulagi’.


Silver Ag999


62,2 g


50 mm


antique finish


Digital printing, High relief, Partial gilding

Minted at

Lithuanian Mint

Date of issue


Face value

5 Dollars, Niue



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