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2021 Mask 2oz Silver Antiqued Gilded Coin


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Product Code: 21S3059

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We can probably divide our personality into two parts – the bright side, which you want to be proud of and show to everyone ... and the dark one, which you want to hide away behind the thickest screen. The Lithuanian Mint calls us to look at both sides of our human nature and to make sure that true values ​​lie not in the material world but in the spiritual world.

The only way to break free from the trap of greed is to have a good look at oneself, to stop idealizing luxury and wealth, and to pay more attention to natural human values such as love, family, and friendship. All this fits in the new silver coin “Mask”. This coin, created by the Lithuanian Mint, is like an instructive story about the flaws and virtues that govern each of us. 

The reverse of the coin “Mask” depicts both sides of a person’s personality. The negative side is controlled by human flaws: greed, jealousy, pride and others. The positive side is restrained, respectful and tolerant. The bright side must outweigh the dark side, because happiness is not to be found in money or wealth. The dearest things are not what we can buy, but what we can know, learn, love …

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Technologies such as partial gilding, antique finish and high relief were used in the production of the coin. The impressive coin is sold in a special wooden box.


Silver Ag999


62,2 g


50 mm


antique finish



Date of issue


Face value

5 Dollars, Niue


capsule, Presentation box


high relief, partial gilding

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