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2019 Trapped 1 Oz Silver Antiqued Coin


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Product Code: 19S1794

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Trapped is a new coin concept originating from one of CIT’s multiple award-winning designers, who developed such coins as the Time Capsule (2nd place coin constellation), Bavarian Purity Law (2nd place COTY) and Time-Space Continuum (1st place COTY and coin constellation). The coin embodies the universal nightmare and fear of being trapped – physically or mentally, with no way out.

The oppressive image of a trapped person is skillfully implemented on the one ounce fine silver coin by applying smartminting technology to a antique finish texture, thus creating the appearance of a person screaming through a strechted fabric sheet. For once, a coin’s highlight is not defined by what’s added to the coin surface but by what lies beneath.

Country Cook Islands (the)
Year 2019
Face Value 5 Dollars
Metal Silver .999
Weight 1 oz
Size 38.61 mm
Quality Antique finish
Mintage 999

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