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2018 $30 Year of the Dog 1 Kilo Silver Proof Coin


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Mintage: 500

To celebrate the Year of the Dog in 2018, the Royal Australian Mint has released the last set of coins from its highly-regarded Lunar Series. Reflecting many of the original Lunar Series design elements this $30 1kg fine silver proof coin is a stunning representation of this Chinese zodiac sign.


The Chinese Zodiac, Sheng Xiao, has its basis in a twelve-year cycle. Each year is represented by one of twelve animals with unique personality traits, with these characteristics being passed on to people born in that year. In 2018, the Lunar Year of the Dog will see the births of many people who are said to be faithful, courageous, agile, smart and warm-hearted.

The Chinese calendar also rotates through the elements of earth, fire, water, metal and wood as part of a larger 60 year cycle.

At many Chinese celebrations, holidays and special events, monetary gifts are given to wish hope and prosperity to younger people. These offerings are traditionally given in red envelopes, a colour which both symbolises good luck and wards off evil forces. 

Special features: original packed in capsule and box from RAM

Motive: Lunar 2 - Hund - Dog

Silvercoin: Lunar 2 - Hund - Dog

Country of origin: Australien

Nominal value: 30 AUD

Mint: RAM

Quality: Proof

Issue: 2018

Weight: 1000,0 g

Fineness: Ag 999

Diameter: Ø 99,95 mm

Border: --

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