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2012 $1 Australian Wheat Sheaf 4 Coin Set CBSM


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2012 $1 Australian Wheat Sheaf Uncirculated Set of 4 Coins – CSBM 

The 2012 uncirculated mintmark and privy mark four coin set pay homage to the pre-decimal Australian ‘Wheat Sheaf’ threepence. The Wheat Sheaf design, which appeared in circulation from 1938 to 1964, continues the focus on rural industries and Australian pre-decimal currency that began with the 2011 Ram’s Head Dollar.

The original George Kruger Gray designed threepence features on the mintmark and each of the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Privy marks.

This four coin set is presented in a beautifully coloured single folded card that compliments the 2012 Two Coin Sets : Fields of Gold – Australian Wheat released earlier.

Denomination :         4 x $1

Quality :                   Uncirculated

Metal :                     Aluminium Bronze

Weight :                   9.00 gms

Diameter :                25.00 mm

Mintage :                  Unlimited

Certificate of Authenticity : Royal Australian Mint Official Packaging

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