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1999 China Guanyin Facing Right 1oz Silver Coin NGC MS69


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Product Code: 99S094

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1999 China Guanyin Facing Right 1oz Silver Coin NGC MS69

   Avalokitesvara (popularly known as Goddess of Mercy)is shown in the Buddhist scriptures to be an infinitely merciful Bodhisattva who helps the needy relieves the distressed ,hence she has the other names Dabei("Infinitely Merciful") and Baiyidashi(Mahasattva in White.")it is said if every any living creature is in trouble, the creature can recite the Bodhisattva's name and comfort will arrive ,for "she can hear their voices at once" and will come to their rescue. Avalokitesvara saves people without exception ,helping all the needy  can relieving all the distressed without a bias towards the noble and the humble ,the able and the helpless. So she is worshipped by a devoted following .Avalokitesvara is said to have thirty-three incarnations, so she is presented various images in the temples. Sometimes holding a willow twig in her hand ——sometimes like a man ,but mostly in female form. According to legend ,the Putuo Mountain on the Zhoushan Islands in Zhejiang Provence is the site where Avalokitesvasa made her presence felt and propagated her doctrines.(Since the Huayan Classic contains the saying that Avalokitesvara was living in the Luojia Mountain in Putuo, thus the mountain on the Zhoushan Islands is called Putuo Moutain)Since the 9th century the temple to Avalokitesvara on the mountain has been built and rebuilt many times; it always attracts number of worshippers .On the anniversaries of Avalokitesvara's birth (in February),of her Enlightenment (in June)and of her entering nirvana(in September),the worshippers throng to Putuo Mountain. They are drawn to avalokitesvara because her promise  for relief from misery is their hope for a better life.

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