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1998 China Culture of Dragons 1oz Silver Coin NGC MS69


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1998 China Culture of Dragons NGC MS69

Dragon , a supernatural animal, the symbol of dignities and authorities ,worshiped by Chinese people from of old ,has the ability to summon wind and call for rain ,to float the cloud and spread fog ,and to control the drought and flood .Dragon ,a symbol of Chinese nationality ,can find its striking traces in Chinese politics、literature 、arts 、customs and religious beliefs. Dragon  occupies the first position in various kinds of supernatural animals; thus ,it is regarded as the cleverest animal and even the ancestor of Chinese. The legend of miracle dragon's mother giving birth to emperor Yan (Chinese ancestor)finds its origin here. Later, dragon was compared to outstanding figures.  The image of dragon embodies many virtues of humankind and it collectively reflects the deeper psychology and aesthetic consciousness and a firm conviction to this world and life of Chinese nationality,  As the descendants of dragon ,the Chinese Nation has created a splendid culture through centuries—the culture of dragon ,that is , the traditional cultures of the Chinese Nation . The subject of the creation of the culture is the wise ,laborious ,brave and kindhearted Chinese nation ,and the natural carrier of this culture is Eastern Asia with complicated various geographical landscapes. The old culture of dragon with its own characteristics has lasted till now without changes and its will stand among the world culture because of its unique characteristics and vitality .

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