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1997 China Mazu Sea Goddess 1oz Silver Coin NGC MS69


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1998 China Mazu Sea Goddess 1oz Silver Coin NGC MS69

Ma Zu is well-known protective goddess in the southeast littoral of China. In legend she is said to have been living in our earthly world. In her lifetime she could predict people's birth and death, weal and woe; expert at astronomy and weather ,and was good at marine rescue, medicine ,sickness-curing and epidemic prevention .Thus she was deeply loved by people ,It is said that she became the sea Goddess and went on protecting the land with sharper prognostication after her death. Gradually Ma Zu has become the common protective  goddess of the southeast people. The villagers set up a small temple on Meizhou Island dedicated to her to express their gratitude.

The royal courts since the Song and Yuan Dynasties had bestowals glories on Ma Zu .The bestowals helped enlarge the areas where people worship her .

This belief accompanied the immigrants landing on Taiwan. In these believers' mind ,Ma Zu a benevolent goddess and is worthy of their trust . As a protector invited from the native land , this belief in Ma Zu is an embodiment of the homesickness of these immigrants.

Silver Content (Troy oz)


Monetary Denomination (Yuan)


Fineness (% purity)


Maximum Diameter (mm)


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Minted By

Shanghai Mint

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